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Effective Sewer Cleaning, Drain, and Cracked Sewer Pipe Repair Services Near Westland, Livonia & Dearborn Heights, MI

When an over-the-counter drain cleaning product isn't going to cut it, call Atomic Sewer and Drain Cleaners. Our team will thoroughly clean your plumbing system's components to prevent future clogs! We also repair cracked sewer pipes! Our family-owned and operated company has served residents of Westland since 1959, so you can trust that your work is in the hands of an experienced professional. We'll have your sewer and drain restored and ready for action in no time!

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3 reasons to call a professional for drain and sewer cleaning

Westland's Atomic Sewer and Drain Cleaners offers comprehensive cracked sewer pipe repair, drain cleaning and sewer services that will help you keep your home clean and comfortable! Many homeowners don’t give their systems the attention they need, but there are numerous benefits to having your sewer and drain cleaned regularly:

  1. Blockage prevention—Bringing in Atomic Sewer and Drain Cleaners for regular cleaning could help you save on future plumbing costs. We’ll make sure your lines are clear and you aren’t at risk for clogs or overflows!
  2. Improved hygiene—When your home’s drain and sewer is clean, it prevents build up and unsanitary conditions. Our team can service your drain or sewer as often as needed to give you peace of mind and keep your family healthy.
  3. Eradicate nasty sewer smells—Atomic Sewer and Drain Cleaners will keep unsettling sewer odor at bay with our cleaning services. You’ll feel more at ease in your home and rest easy knowing you’re doing everything possible to keep your home hygienic.

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Cleaning solutions you can rely on in Westland, Michigan

When you spend money to get your drain or sewer cleaned, you expect results. Don't just settle for any cleaning company-choose Atomic Sewer and Drain Cleaners for a satisfaction guarantee. Our team has provided quality drain and sewer cleaning solutions to local residents for nearly six decades. We have the equipment and capability needed to get the job done right the first time around. We also offer a 90-day guarantee on most jobs!

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